7 Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies You Should Never Forget


Planning and hosting an unforgettable bachelorette party is a daunting task. Right from browsing the best Las Vegas bachelorette party packages, researching fun games, and managing a budget at the same time, it sure looks like a lot to accomplish. Hence, to make it easier, we have listed some of the essential bachelorette party supplies to deem your party unforgettable. Read on.

  1. A special hamper for the bride

You might feel that investing in a sash or a crown is too common, but believe us, this is a key party supply for the bride-to-be. The reason why that is because so that every one of the attendees knows that the bachelorette party is totally dedicated to her which gives her extra attention and maybe… free drinks as well. 

  1. An adorable and amusing party banner

If you purchase one decoration element for the party, ensure that it is a party banner which bears an adorable and an amusing phrase to it. Consider it a bonus if it encompasses the name of the bachelorette or the party hashtag. If you are aiming for an extra mile, feel free to snag some balloons or a cute tissue paper tassel garland to make it look more fun.

  1. A hangover kit

If it doesn’t come with a cute kit, make sure you order a customized one. There is no party deemed unforgettable if no one is having a hangover, so ensure that you are fully equipped with hangover kits for everyone in the party. The kit must include aspirin, Gatorade, loads of caffeine and tums.

  1. A brief list of fun restaurants and bars in the area

This is an essential step when it comes to hosting an unforgettable bachelorette party. Ensure to invest some of your time in the due diligence by listing good brunch and dinner spots prior to the party week. If the spots are famous, don’t forget to make a reservation. And that’s not all. Create a list of fun cocktail lounges and bars in the area so that you can spend more time having fun with your friends.

  1. Matching accessories for an ultimate Insta photo op

If you are not fond of cute sunglasses, you can go for matching shirts or party hats. The point is to not limit yourself to one option. Not only these accessories serve as an amazing party favor, but they can be perfect for a cherishing photo from the event as well.

  1. Reusable party cups for the pre-games

You can go for solo cups, but here is a better alternative, you can also go for festive and reusable bachelorette party cups. You can get them personalized with a custom message and as they are reusable, they can be rinsed out and can be used for all weekend long.

  1. A well-equipped bubbly bar along with adorable cocktail napkins too

There is no bachelorette party without the bubbly. Ensure that before making to the party, you don’t forget to make a pit stop for some alcohol. Make sure you keep the adorable cocktail napkins in it as well.