Black Panther Movie Review


Black Panther has highly anticipated Marvel’s Movie that is set to release later in February 2018. It is highly anticipated Marvel film about African Superhero which was introduced firstly in the Marvel’s popular movie “Captain America: Civil War”. The Civil War events brought Black Panther to be friend with the Steve Roger’s rosters including Bucky.

The Civil War movie was like the backdoor episodes of the standalone movie of the Black Panther. It seems that the introduction of the new character of Marvel black panther costume rental has been quite successful given the fact that the standalone movie is highly anticipated by the diehard fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe and regular movie viewers.

T’Challa is the guy behind the Black Panther superhero identity. After the events of “Captain America: Civil War” makes his return home to the isolated and sophisticated African nation of Wakanda. This superhero makes for a great addition to rent a party character for a kids birthday party.

He takes his place as the King of Wakanda since his father died in the bombing attack in the “Civil War”. His peaceful Kingdom has been there until an old enemy is spotted in the Wakanda territory.

T’Challa’s role as a King and Black Panther superhero is challenged with the commencing of the villains. He is involved in a complex conflict which influences the Wakanda future. Not to mention that the world is at risk with the commencing of the enemies.

Wakanda as the origin country of T’Challa is compromised by both internal factions and outside forces. While the Black Panthers does not want to choose side, he is forcefully teaming up with the CIA and making use his superpowers to save his people from the catastrophic events lead by the enemies.

This is going to be an epic movie since it is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to feature African superhero as the lead protagonist of the movie. Just like other Marvel films, it is cool to expect the actions, superheroes act, strong languages, and possibly some romantic scenes. This movie is going to target all kinds of viewers including teenagers.

The MPAA Rating is NR. For teenagers or kids who want to watch the movies, parents need to see the other Marvel movies first to know what to expect in Black Panther film and black panther costume rental.

It will hit tether on February 16, 2018. That will be a great way to tag along your date to celebrate the valentine weeks. The new Black Panther trailer is already released.It looks very awesome. The epic film will hit the cinema soon. Make sure you circle your calendar and reserve your seat to watch it.