Essential Parts for the Summer Pool Parties


Want to invite your friends to party at your place? Do you have a birthday, a successful exam or another event to celebrate? Head to the pool! With some accessories and a little organization, the atmosphere will be at the rendezvous.

Lights on the pool

For a small party in the evening, it is necessary that the swimming pool is enlightened, even if the night falls late in summer. Have you thought about immersed floodlights? They are embedded in the pool for design lighting and possibly multicolored. In the summer, pool parties in Vegas choose LED lighting for the sake of ecology and economy, and vary the moods. You can use a remote control to change the colors. The water in your pool turns pink, green, yellow and that makes its effect! On the other hand, floating lamps are ideal for decorating and lighting the pool. It’s romantic, warm, modern and design, and to party you really need all that.

Raise the sound!

Underwater, you can also install speakers. Indispensable to party! The underwater speakers are resistant to water and all chemicals. They must be connected to a stereo (or iPhone docking station), not far from the pool (but not too close either, security issue). If you have a large pool, you may need several speakers so all guests can enjoy the music.

If you do not have built-in loudspeakers, they are available in “mobile” version: you can go for example fixing them on the walls of the swimming pool thanks to suction cups. All you have to do is compose your playlist!

What are we eating?

The simplest is to make a cold buffet. Each brings his contribution, and everyone enjoys: salty cakes, mini sandwiches, fruit / vegetable / cheese skewers. If you are afraid of the moment of cleaning the edge of your pool the next day (find aperitif biscuits on the surface water, great no?), have a real meal on the terrace, and then swim. In this case, do not be too many. Do not forget that without alcohol the party is crazier, and especially less dangerous when you party in the pool!

And the neighbors!

Your neighbors may not want to party all night. The minimum is to warn them that you will do a “pool party” or even arrange with them for the date. In any case, it is quite respectful to stop the noise from a certain time. Then you can sit inside, continue the discussions or continue dancing! Set sun loungers and umbrellas near the “pool”. Place plastic balls, flotation noodles, rings and other pool toys around the area where the party will take place.

The Last Suggestion

In the summer, pool parties in Vegas cover the candy table with a sheet of blue paper and decorate it with fish-shaped stickers or, for older children, with seashells and sand. Purchase paper plates, napkins and plastic utensils with an aquatic theme. Pack paper umbrellas for “cocktails”. Create a surprise effect by hiding fish-shaped jelly candies in the center of the ice cubes or by simply coloring the water with a few drops of blue food coloring. For indoor parties, hang blue crepe paper streamers and paper fish on the ceiling. Let your guests make bubbles to create the underwater effect. Have the children make a hanging banner over the table of treats. Most community pools rent bathing time and party rooms. This is a great idea for older children or those who can swim well.