Green Acres Event Center: A Great Venue for Weddings


Weddings are the most memorable days for each couple. Every couple wants every detail of their wedding to be perfect; right from the ceremony to the reception. Are you looking for a right spot where you can celebrate your love and happiness on your wedding day? Do you prefer something unique yet very romantic set up? In the USA, there is an event center wherein you can consider for your reception or as well as the wedding venue. The Green Acres Event Center offers barn wedding venues in MN.

In Green Acres, they provide a classical space with countryside decorations and ambiance. The event center atmosphere is warm, and you will feel like being in one of the traditional times. The roof is shaped as Gothic arch and the ceiling looks rustic together with candlelight lightings above. It is a perfect place to tie a knot and celebrate along with your family and friends. Couples should check barn wedding venues in MN to experience one of a kind experience on their wedding day.

The event center is located at Eden Prairie, and it is considered as the oldest barn in Eden Prairie. Although it is old, the location is completely restored as an event center. It offers three spaces rightly built for each ceremony. Each area is specially made to experience comfortable classic yet fascinating feeling while inside the hall. There are jukeboxes, pianos and traditional paintings adding to the classy touch of the center.

The Green acres are located next to the Staring Lake Park. It is a perfect place to have an outdoor wedding with the thick trees, trails and magnificent scenery of animals outside the event center. It is an ideal background for your pictures. Besides the excellent environment, you can also request for a fireplace to add to the cozy feeling – for free. You can also try roasting marshmallows on the Cowboy Cauldron open fireplace and enjoy the scenery of beautiful lightings of the barn during the night.

Besides the classical ambiance, they provide sumptuous catering perfect for the occasion. They have three caterers, the Deco Catering, Green Mill Catering and Sterling Catering. Each caterer offers world-class menu that perfectly fits your big day. Each caterer provides unique yet delicious dishes your guests will love.


The wedding day is one of the most vital days in the life of every couple. It must be memorable and perfect. According to many feedbacks, Green Acres is indeed a fantastic venue to celebrate weddings. The place is beautiful, intimate and very elegant. Besides, the staff members are very accommodating, and the food is just the best.

It is the perfect place for your extraordinary day, with its classic ambiance, helpful staffs, and fantastic food – it is one of the recommended venues for weddings. In addition to that, Green Acres also offers space for different gatherings such as corporate events, social and charity events, family reunions and any other events as long as it fits the venue. This event center is a widely recommended one.