My Lover, My Pal … With Benefits


    “Buddies are buddies, pals are pals and buddies sleep together.”

    A mystery person, possibly of questionable moral standards towards the hypocrites and closet-kittens within using one of us, proliferated this time around-honoured adage. And we are not speaking a good alcohol-caused momentary lapse of concentration. Not again! We are speaking in regards to a “booty call” or perhaps a “buddies with benefits” arrangement – a contract between buddies to possess sex, when nature calls, with no drama of the partnership.

    It is really an agreement of carnal convenience that promises uninhibited, great sex without the trappings and emotional ride ride of the high maintenance love relationship.

    Clearly, a man invented it!

    As well as in the noughties in which a slow but steady resurgence from the swinging 60’s is getting free love to the forefront, I’ve found myself finding the topic in personal blogs, night time television commercials, and never surprisingly, dining room table conversations among Gen-Yers, Gen-Xers and Baby-Boomer buddies alike.

    Actually, I want only observe men friend’s recent “juggling act” and clandestine dalliances with, let us just say, several “female friends”, to understand it inevitably involves an exciting-too-foreseeable finish: he enjoys it for what it’s and she or he (as well as in this situation – they) secretly plans the marriage.

    Even though I remain amused and entertained with this live comedy of sorts unfold before my eyes (in the end, social voyeurism has become a suitable pastime), I secretly wish of throttling the women sufficient to allow them to gasp for air and suck in the stench of the matrimonial dreams in decay.

    My shyster friend’s questionable forays, however, don’t constitute a “buddies with benefits” arrangement – each girl thinks they are inside a relationship!

    And that is in which the problem lies.

    Women are genetically pre-disposed to attaching emotionally following a good tango. Ladies, let us face the facts, generally, we set our hearts moving when we are burning. Add “regularity” towards the mix and there’s an explosive recipe of affection and sex intermingle where they ought to not. However, who states only men long for an periodic no-strings roll within the hay?

    And just what concerning the lies we tell? We lie about our age, weight, height, hair colour, pay, and lots of other activities just like frequently once we lie about our real intentions. So be careful with individuals hidden motives. This is really not the best way to result in the man (or even the lady) you secretly fancy be seduced by you.

    Plus there is the friendship issue. Are you currently ruining a wonderfully good bottle of Bordeaux by mixing up right into a relationship cocktail within the boudoir?

    Therefore it begs the issue: who exactly benefits inside a “buddies with benefits” relationship?

    Ladies, the only real appealing factor about this: we do not have to fake it!