When Will We Select a Close Friend?


Every one of us is surrounded by friends. Some people have many of them and some have a few. Regardless how many friends do you have, it won’t change the fact that friends are really important in our life. We can’t deny the precious moments when we were young where we started to mingle and play with our friends. It was the time when we started to build the friendship in our neighborhood, in our school and in any places where people meet other people at the park, in the church, at the mall and many others.

There are times that it’s not easy to win and make friends. When a friend introduces another friend, the tribe will increase certainly. It multiplies. But how do we choose friends? Because he or she is a friend of mine, we can also be friends. Because he or she is my friend, he or she has the right to befriend my common friends. That’s a simple logic. However, how do we know that he or she is a good friend? Perhaps this would vary in different situations. She is a good friend because she’s very kind. She is a good friend because she’s very understanding. She is a good friend because she’s always ready to help whenever you need some help. These cases could support the truth for a certain good friend in your life. But there is a contrary of this situation. She’s only a good friend whenever she needs something from you. For example, she wants to borrow some money. That friend knows you very well and persuades you so much in a way that you could lend some money for her. Another thing is, she’s a good friend because she just wants to ask a favor from you. She wants you to help her assignment or project in school, is a clear example. These are the only few cases where we should see the pros and cons of having a good friend.

Yes, it’s true. There are bad friends. We can’t deny the fact that some of them are everywhere. But we can help them change from being bad. We need to talk to them. We need to clarify things why is he or she like that. There are factors why are they bad. One thing is the feeling of bitterness against someone. He or she is envious. He or she is moody and don’t want to be with other people most of the time. No matter what the reason is, bad friends need good friends. Of course, it’s really hard to get along with them at the beginning. However, as the time goes by, they would be influenced to be good